Step by step buying instruction


About Enigma Knives

We are made knives already couple years. We are only polish company to made such classic slipjoints. Main idea was to to cultivate long, polish tradition, for simple pocket knives, but made with high quality materials.

There are no knives available, why, and when will be ready? 

We prepare small production of knives, about every 2-4 months. Knives need lots of hand working, so it is not automatic production. This is a hobby, not a way of make money for living, so I do not spent 100% of my time on it.
If you are interest about news, information about new production, or you just like new photos of pocket knives, fallow out Instagram or Facebook profile. Links are on the bottom of our main page.

What is delivery time?

It's depend of country. Europe delivery usually take 3-10 working days. For further destinations, it can take more time (up to 50 working days - it's our longest delivery time that we have. It was delivery to USA).
Why so long? Because we use post office track and priority parcel. Any way post office parcel are slower than much more expensive couriers. Also every country have different border rules for parcels.

Can you ship knife by different courier?

Of course we can. Just let us know about it and we will check best price courier to your country. Any way it will be more expensive than post office parcel. When you buy knife add to basket model that you like, choose standard money transfer and contact us for further instruction.

What kind of parcel you use?

Post Office prioryty with tracking. Ship by sea.

My country isn't on delivery list!

It could happen...But you don't want miss model that you like most, and your country isn't on the delivery list that we provide on the shop?!
When you buy knife add to basket model that you like, choose standard money transfer, use Poland as delivery country and contact us. Do not make money transfer, we will chceck delivery cost to your country and let you know about finall price. Most expensive delivery cost, for furthest destinations is 110 PLN (about 26 euro), so do not worry that you will have some crazy shipping cost.


We prefer PayPal / Credit Cards as a payment. 

Our PayPal account is at:

For standard money transfer in PLN account number: PL 80 1090 2398 0000 0001 3495 8898

For standard money transfer in EURO account number: PL76 1090 2398 0000 0001 3627 8655

What material is used to made knives?

We use mainly US2000mc or M390 steel with hardness around 60 ~ 64 HRC. For liners we use titanium, grade 5. Sometimes also anodized one. Washers are made from phosforobronz 0,1 mm.

Scales are made from different materials, like:
  • G10
  • stabilized wood
  • stabilized hybrid wood
  • acrylic
  • others

How our knives are made?

They are semi custom. Blade, spring and liners are cut on CNC machines and finished by handmade grinding master.

Why some models do not have blade centred perfectly? 

We are very sorry that not all blades are centred perfectly. We use special patent for very strong pivot (pivot do not hold only on pin), that makes sometimes blade little bit not centred. But blades never scratch on liners.

There is a gap between liners and blade, why? 

We use washers, but liners are not milled (milled prices will increase price, but we want to keep it as low as possible).

How we pack knives:

We us felt case for protection knife and natural pine wood boxes.

I have special request

You don't want miss model that you like most, but you have some special request?!
When you buy knife add to basket model that you like, choose standard money transfer and contact us. Do not make money transfer.