Step 1

Select the product you are interested in, go to its preview, and then add it to the cart.

"dodaj do koszyka" - add to cart
"zobacz koszyk" - view cart

Step 2 - delivery

View cart.

Then select a shipment. Select the form of delivery, indicating the recipient's country and the delivery available for the given country (in most of cases it will be priority parcel, with tracking, by post office).

You won't see a list of countries for which the store owner has not defined a suitable delivery. In that case choose.

"kraj" - country
"opcje wysyłki" - delivery options

Step 3 - delivery address

Enter the buyer's details and the delivery address. Orders carried out in the store are made only in the option without registration, which means that you do not create a customer account, but only place a one-time order. The next time you order, you enter the data again.

We provide tracking number for every customer.

Step 4 - payment

Payment. If you have more than one form of payment, the system will allow you to choose, e.g. a traditional transfer / PayPal or online transfer (credit card).
With one form of payment, the only additional option for the customer of the store is the possibility of entering a discount code. As you can see, the checkout mechanism is simplified to make your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

Step 5 - order summary

Order summary. You will receive all the information about your order. An e-mail with a summary, payment details and seller details will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. That's all. The purchases were made.

Step by step how to use STORE:

How to pay by PayPal or money transfer: