We started a few years ago. A group of enthusiasts, I am a long time collector of pocket knives, Kuba aka "Śliwka" (Mr. Plum), start making knives when he was a student of the Wrocław University of Technology. My idea, knowledge of making knives from Kuba. From the very beginning, Andrzej was a silent partner and a great support for us. He has a knowledge of making slipjoints, as well he supports the project from the technical side.


Kuba aka. Śliwka (Mr.Plum)

He was already making knives during his studies, and after graduation it became his main job. Hand satin master, sailor, whiskey and good meat enthusiast. Always crazy and chaotic, at the same time he knows knifemaking like no one else. It is thanks to him that our folders are made. He puts them together, finishes them and caresses them.



For many years, the a hobby creator of knives, daily job a technologist and a passionate archerer. An animal lover, the topic of slipjoints has been explored for a long time, a master of creating Scandinavian knives. It is thanks to him that the Enigma project took a blush and from the project on the computer, it changed into reality.


Gabor aka Gabor :-)

The freshest member of the team, a man with a big heart with a great sense of humor. He got interested in slipjoints knives a few years ago and since then he has been studying the subject under the watchful eye of a few knife "super stars". A man whose perfectionism is legendary, a lover of good cuisine, which he is often the author himself, a treasury of stories about life, mainly his own life, which was full of adventures. Knowledge was also passed on to him by the grand master - Tony Bose, whom Gabor had the opportunity to meet personally. Recently, I am pleased to offer beautiful, custom knives from Gabor, which are refined to the smallest details. He definitely aims at the first league of slipjoint makers with his quality. And now this quality can also be offered under the brand name Enigma Knives.


Arek aka Osos

I have been collecting pocket knives for many years, I have also been associated with the Polish knifemaking world for over ten years. Whiskey enthusiast, squash lover, animal and tattoo lover.
Founder of Enigma Knives.